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Top Flooring trends in 2019

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March 11, 2019
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Flooring trends tend to get more artistic and creative every year. 2018 was full of exciting trends and 2019 promises to be no less, from low maintenance flooring….. Have a look at the most popular flooring trends expected for 2019 and see how you can possibly adapt them in your home.

Eco Friendly

Natural, recyclable and renewable materials will remain big in 2019 throughout all the home. Flooring options are no longer judged simply on their looks. As customers become increasingly environmentally aware, they are also more interested in where the materials they are using for their home are coming from. Natural stone and ceramic flooring are both renown for their environmentally responsible qualities.

Marca Corona Ossidi

Hexagon Tile

When it comes to tiles, shape is as important as form and texture. Geometric shapes will remain popular in 2019, making an appearance even in textiles and other home décor. Hexagonal tiles are popular both for flooring as well as bathrooms. A popular trend is to combine 2 different tones which surely create a statement in any room. One can also combine different graphic patterns in muted colours, a trend which has been called the patch work trend. Hexagon tiles are available in a wide variety of finishes such as cement patterned tiles, natural stone and marble effect ceramic.

Marca Corona – Lagom

Grey wood floors

Grey is enjoying a very popular moment at the moment. Apart from stone finishes, grey toned woods are becoming increasingly popular especially in kitchens and bathrooms, paired with brushed stainless steel details. Grey provides a clean look that fits perfectly in modern houses, eclectic spaces as well as vintage styled homes which are gaining a lot of popularity at the moment.

Keope – Eclectic

Large format tile

Innovative, large format tiles are still on trend in 2019. Tile suppliers have responded to this growing trend with some very interesting propositions. Large format tiles have a number of benefits such as ease of installation and minimal grout which makes the surface look more uniform and aesthetically pleasing whilst also being more hygienic since it is easier to clean. Large format tiles, especially in light colours also make a space look larger.

Keope Soul

Distressed wood

Distressed wood that shows off the natural wood grain and texture is the cutting edge material of the moment. It’s unsurprising, given that wood adds a certain warmth that is guaranteed to turn a house into a home. Distressed wood also makes a space look casual and comforting, a style that fits both contemporary and traditional styles. Whilst real hard wood might not be the best option, ceramic companies have launched a number of ranges that perfectly mimic the look and feel of distressed wood. These have added benefits over real wood since they will not splinter, warp or fade.

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