Mirage is a solid, international company which has been designing and manufacturing porcelain stoneware wall and floor coverings for commercial, public and residential use for 46 years. 

Halmann Vella is the local supplier of Mirage. With a perfect mix of production capacity, experimentation and sustainability, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide, constructing a 100% Italian identity in which creativity, teamed up with ongoing technological research, defines the value of each product, making it unique and exclusive.

Mirage’s cutting-edge production system combined with high-level of expertise and professionalism of the business unit and comprehensive range of products allows it t effectively meet all design and commercial requirements.

Mirage offers integrated solutions for flooring and cladding, technical applications, ventilated facades, raised floors, tactile floors and outdoor surfaces. A complete wide-ranging offer, that can be mixed and matched with a wide range of formats, colours and surfaces to design any type of commercial and residential space.

EVO_2/E by Mirage is the first 20 and 30mm thick porcelain stoneware produced and sold as a complete outdoor project. A complete system of floors and special pieces for public and residential outdoor spaces, with high technical and visual performance. An innovative ceramic concept that offers a wide range of different sizes, colours, finishes and installation methods. The Mirage EVO_2/E project offers a number of installation solutions suitable for any type of terrain and surface to guarantee maximum laying versatility including Laying on gravel and grass, adhesive installation, E-BASE, E-DECK and Rooftop E-DECK

Mirage porcelain stoneware is a compact and resistant material. The slabs are obtained through a vitrification process, i.e. the complete fusion of sand, quartz, feldspar, kaolin, clay and natural coloring oxides to form a single material: these raw materials are fired at temperatures above 1200 degrees celsius to create a compact and solid product with exceptional hardness and unparalleled mechanical properties.

Product Features and Safety

Mirage is non-absorbent: it is therefore easier to clean than alternative materials and does not emit or absorb odors.

It is non-combustible and does not generate toxic substances at any temperatures

It is resistant to various atmosphere agents: not only is it frost-proof, but at the same time, being made from inorganic materials, the colour is not affected by UV rays.

It is recyclable: 100% of raw waste is re-used to produce the collections in a precentage between 10% and 60%. The fired waste can be used as inert material for building.

It has high resistance to scratches and wear, more so than any other covering material.

It is a safe product. It does not emit RAdoon, lead, VOCs. It does not contain formaldehyde or asbestos, it is inhospitable to dust, bacteria and allergens.