Laminate parquet & Engineered Wood flooring

If you are deciding what type of flooring you would like to have in your home in the future, at Halmann Vella we have a selection of Laminated parquet by Krono Original & Millesime range engineered wood flooring.

Our Laminate parquet need not fear comparison with other types of laminate surfaces. The technology in the manufacture of our laminate flooring has been developed to ensure that offers stylish quality that can be seen. Krono Original® laminate floors are robust, impact, shock, and pressure-resistant. Scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish.

The Millesime range is Handcrafted wood floors displaying unique and authentic finishes. Handscraped, distressed, irregular sawn cut, brushed, smoked and colour washing. Every inch a gift for the senses. Unlike most of today’s machine distressed flooring Millesime heritage wood floors are genuine and authentic. Aged board by board by experienced craftsmen.


Kronospan manufactures and distributes wood-based panels. Globally it’s the leading manufacturer Laminate flooring.
Kronospan also produces specialty and decorative paper as well as other associated value added products, such as melamine-faced panels, worktops, wall panels, window sills, lacquered HDF, compact boards, high pressure laminates (HPL) and others. Kronospan manufactures wood-based panels at more than 40 sites and is local in many countries. Employ over 14,000 people with 70% of total product sales generated in Emerging Markets.

With its presence in over 30 countries around the world, Millesime is one of the leading brands from Euro Covering. Headquartered in Spain, Millesime offers an extensive engineered wood flooring solution for interior installation.

Millesime can customise interior projects by providing a wide range of natural looking selection to meet different decorating needs of hotels, restaurants, homes, and many more. All engineered wood floors from Millesime are completed with hand scraped finishing. The artful application of the scraping tools is used to create a unique hand-made, rustic texture.