What started out as a small tile manufacturing company, has today grown into the leading supplier of bespoke surfaces in Malta.

The Halmann Vella reputation has been built on experience and a strong heritage, yet there is a constant effort  towards greater improvement.

With a history spanning over 65 years and a name synonymous with marble and granite, traditional patterned tiles and resin tiles, among others, nowadays the company continues to satisfy the requirements of discerning Maltese and foreign clients.  The list of successful projects is a long and

prestigious one including Renzo Piano’s Valletta City Gate, the House of Four Winds, Smart City, Skyparks, Tigne Point and a number of hotels.

Halmann has the materials, expertise and resources to put things together on schedule and within specified budgets be it for small residential projects and larger more complex developments. Halmann Vella is managed by brothers Martin, Joseph and Mark Vella, who have a wealth of over 30 years of experience in the stone industry.

Our History


Halmann Vella Ltd was born over 65 years ago in 1954, when Vincenzo Vella and his brother, from the village of Mgarr Malta, decided to start manufacturing tiles and bought a small tile making machine press.

The two brothers started producing terrazzo tiles, these being the most sought-after kind of tile at the time. As years went by and their business grew, the Vella brothers moved on to producing other forms of tiles, such as resin tiles, and eventually introducing the local market to marble and natural stone.

It was at this time that the Halmann success story started to be ‘carved in stone’, and the company became associated with high quality, innovation and professionalism. Today Halmann Vella Group is still a family business and is run by brothers Martin, Joseph and Mark Vella, who boast 30 years of experience in the industry.

Halmann treasures its 60 plus years of history in the business, and is today synonymous with the marble, granite, or just simply ‘tiles’. Nowadays, Halmann Vella Group proudly holds high the name of Maltese manufacturing and business prowess, in Malta and abroad.

Quality Policy

Painstakingly sourcing raw materials from around the world, we pass them through the hands of our production personnel and then we distribute them; both locally and across the globe. Each and every product that leaves the Halmann Vella factory comes with the personal guarantee and assurance of brothers Martin, Joseph and Mark Vella, continuing the fine tradition for quality set by their father Vincent and his brother. We hereby undertake to deliver first class products and solutions on time and to the required standards.

In order to do so, we strive:

  • to obtain all necessary Quality Certifications
  • to provide all the resources necessary for our employees to enhance their performance
  • to train all our employees to remain up to date with the latest technological improvements.

Our intention is to continuously improve our products, services, reliability and quality.


ISO Certification

Halmann Vella Ltd. has been assessed by TUV-ICB and found to be in conformance with the following standard(s): ISO 9001:2008.
Scope of registration: Finishing of interiors and exteriors, Home and Large developments by supplying and fixing of Marble, Granite, Hardstone, Quartz, Resin and Terrazzo Tiles.


Halmann Vella Ltd., has been given the Business Superbrands status in Malta. Business Superbrands is an internationally recognised accolade which pays tribute to the best and most valued business-to-business brands around the world. Halmann is one the first company to receive this recognition locally.
Our mission is to become the leading provider for Natural Stone. We fulfill client expectations by putting people first, providing superior value to our customers and partners, safeguarding nature and enhancing the community we live and operate in. We pledge to uphold ethics in business, thus providing quality products with superior service.

We value satisfied customers

A satisfied customer is one who feels that the product or service purchased exceeded the cost paid for it. Our long list of satisfied customers is the best promotion our company can have.

We value quality

Superior quality is our quest. It is what we never stop striving to reach, to achieve and to deliver.

We value People

We value people who dedicate their working careers to satisfying our customers. We value people who do their best. We value people who honour and respect our customers, our organization’s well-being and their fellow associates.


Our Showroom showcases all the materials available. The area comprises of a grand total of over 220 exhibits, including samples of marble, granite, quartzite and stone, among others. A shop-in-shop compliments provides products required for tiling purposes, whether it’s by the DIY amateur or by the expert tile-layer.

The showroom itself is a testament to our commitment to beautiful design and quality, with simple external cladding in a white and grey combination of Carrara marbles and a stunning reception area.

Our trained sales team will guide you to select the right surfaces for your project, providing samples when and as required.