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Marble takes centre stage in this 19th century Palazzo’s story. Located in Valletta on St. Ursula Street and badly damaged during the war, this building is now a beautiful private home. A large screen of Patagonia marble cut and installed in book-match, acts as a backdrop to the large marble dining table by Mangiarotti, shielding the food preparation and cooking space from view. Zebrino Marble covers the wall and the inner side of the door of the bathrooms. Customised bathroom sink in Bianco Sivec is carved from solid marble. The main staircase of this prestige townhouse has been clad in …

Nothing like a gorgeous marble top to bring character to a light and airy kitchen! This elegant Taj Mahal Quarzite is unique. It creates a modern look with a mix of white, light blue and cream combinations.

This private residence is an instant mood brightener. A lively mix of patterned tiles and vibrant colours mixed with modern furniture make the place look airy yet cosy. The most striking thing about this home is the creative use of patterned tiles. This home showcases the result of combining the old with the new.  Original pattern tiles dating back to the 1930’s have been lovingly restored to their previous glory to blend in seamlessly with new pattern tiles, made using the same original manufacturing techniques.

This beautiful kitchen features a fresh colour palette and an open flow with trendy yet timeless and durable materials. At the heart of the kitchen is an island which runs the length of the kitchen, facilitating easy flow.   Infinity Calacatta Oro was the material selected for the island countertop. Infinity slabs are made of 100% natural raw materials and minerals. They are the same essential elements contained in granite, which, when sintered at a temperature of 1230°C, create a new, compact material with unrivalled technical performance. Silestone Merope makes a striking contrast in the background used as a splash …

Dekton Aura, with its never ending symmetrical pattern of veins is featured in the open plan area of this elegant home, both in the kitchen top as well as in the fireplace. This creates a unique perceptive impact of style and beauty. Grey stone marble in a polished finish was also used for the staircase, creating both contrast and continuity with the lighter hues of the open living space This project was designed by Carlo Schembri Design Team.

Charming and warm-the qualities which make the perfect home. This home, is a perfect example of both. The most striking thing about this home is the creative use of patterned tiles, with various patterns used in different rooms. Patterned tiles are even utilised in the bathroom, mixed with travertine and a Travertine Rosso feature wall. Travertine also adds warmth and authenticity to the outdoor and pool area and façade whilst maintaining a luxurious look and feel. The kitchen is a work of art on its own. Featuring striking travertine clad units, travertine flooring and a Silestone Blanco Zeus countertop which …

Saint Paul’s Apartment has been described by its designer Mark Pace as a “perfectly balanced interplay between curated design and discreet yet personal hospitality”. Located in the heart of Valletta the apartment attracts travellers with a passion for all that is bespoke, local and unique. True to this spirit, the apartment predominantly features natural stone. Bianco Carrara flooring as well as the kitchen top give a crisp and clean feel to the open plan layout.  This is contrasted with darker elements such as the black slate kitchen backsplash and the resin vanity and desk tops.

Only one material could have lived up to the grandness of this residential space – natural stone. And indeed beautiful marble, granite and travertine adorn the space throughout, from the grand living area, to the kitchen, bathrooms as well as pool area.

The Portomaso Laguna is a new luxury residential development facing the Portomaso Marina. Featuring a private laguna that will service only the residents, who will have direct internal access to it from their respective apartments. Halmann Vella installed ceramic cladding and raised flooring as well as the pool coping and sills.

A neutral, clean kitchen featuring an elegant Taj Majal quartzite kitchen top leads the way towards a neutral travertine Saturno bathroom. The striking Rainforest Brown marble feature wall comes almost a surprise…..albeit a pleasant one. We love the stylistic innovation of this Valletta apartment designed by AM Design.