Halmann Vella | Semi-Detached Villa - Halmann Vella
  • 1 Halmann Vella Marca Corona Stone oone
  • 2 Halmann Vella Marcacorona
  • 3 Halmann Vella Stone one by marca corona
  • 5 Halmann vella – stone one by marca corona pool outdoor area
  • 6 halmann vella blue limestone cladding
  • 4 Halmann Vella Marca Corona Stone One Cermic
  • 7 halmann vella calacatta fusion stairs marca corona
  • 8 halmann vella calacatta fusion stairs
  • 9 Halmann Vella StoneOne – MarcaCorona
  • 10 Halmann Vella – Marca corona – table

Semi-Detached Villa


An intense and expressive ceramic surface, with precious inclusions, combining the dynamic look of natural stone and the cement look. StoneOne alternates natural stone appeal with non-treated surfaces, for an authentic rich detail which compliments other textures such as wood and marble.


StoneOne by Marcacorona was chosen by the clients and Daniel Scerri Periti to surface the flooring for the conversion of the 1980s Semi-Detached Villa in Lija for both indoor and outdoor areas, pool coping and internal pool steps, complimenting the Calacatta Fusion marble stairs.


Blue Limestone in brushed finish was cladded to the facade and outdoor areas. A sleek darkĀ charcoalĀ coloured marble with areas of light feathered lines throughout the foreground, giving it a contrasting rich look with the light painted walls.