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Townhouse in Valletta


Marble takes centre stage in this 19th century Palazzo’s story. Located in Valletta on St. Ursula Street and badly damaged during the war, this building is now a beautiful private home. A large screen of Patagonia marble cut and installed in book-match, acts as a backdrop to the large marble dining table by Mangiarotti, shielding the food preparation and cooking space from view. Zebrino Marble covers the wall and the inner side of the door of the bathrooms. Customised bathroom sink in Bianco Sivec is carved from solid marble. The main staircase of this prestige townhouse has been clad in Tundra Grey marble, a smooth contrast to the exposed stoneworks.


Architecture & Structural Engineering: AP Valletta Ltd
Design Team Lead: Rosanne Asciak
M&E Engineering: Scicluna & Associates Ltd
Photography: Luis Rodríguez López.