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New Collection From Marca Corona

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December 5, 2019
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Marca Corona: Italian porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor


Marca Corona has been producing top quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles since 1741. They combine extraordinary technical performances with the typical style and elegance of the best “Made in Italy” products. Marca Corona ceramics are suitable for both residential and commercial areas, for private customers, planners and designers who are looking for that exclusive touch.

Marca Corona’s new collection features six different collections with a wide range of colours, textures and designs. A teaser from the full range below.




From a careful study of the latest design trends comes Victoria, the new series of 40×80 white-body wall tiles by Marca Corona. The collection takes its inspiration from the elegance and rigour of Victorian London, focusing on material, colour and 3D patterns to design modern, classy interiors. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the contemporary, versatile range of colours: the 7 nuances selected embrace pastel tones (white, pink and turquoise), neutral shades (vanilla and silver) and decidedly theatrical saturated touches (obsidian grey and carnelian terracotta).

The colour combinations are virtually endless and all equally irresistible. The expressive force of Victoria is underlined by the 3 textures: in addition to the base tile Wall, the series also features 2 innovative three-dimensional pattern alternatives, Art and Panel. Both designed to be combined with the base tile, Art focuses on 3D geometries with an eccentric design, while Panel is reminiscent of the elegant wood panelling of the late nineteenth century. All the Victoria surfaces can be laid both horizontally and vertically.




Marca Corona re-evoked the fascinating colours of the desert and the charm of the Middle Eastern kasbahs with Overclay, a collection of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles with an authentic, sophisticated flavour: Overclay surfaces come in 7 colours, among which stand out Terra and Cotto, two incredibly expressive, on-trend accents.

The Overclay surfaces, with a subtle, uniform pattern, come in 5 large rectified sizes and two different finishes.The decorative design underlines the sophisticated character of the series with Petra, innovative nuances of colour with graceful, material waves. Available in 60×120 or 30×120 sizes, in both cool and warm versions, these shaded surfaces addan engaging touch to any settings. The 60×120 decorated slabs, also suitable for laying on the floor, are perfect for bringing a whole new look to residential and commercial interiors. The Overclay series is completed with the elegant 30×60 tesserae, which can be laid both vertically and horizontally, and feature linear colour geometries in both cool and warm variants.




The Foyer collection takes its inspiration from the ‘pop-luxe’ trend and reinvent 5 fine marbles by brand-new patterns and colours experimentations. This new series of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles offers five different graphic options, from the bright, snowy-white Joy, Pure and Clear slabs to the darker, more striking Elegant and Intense shades. The exclusive graphics of Foyer are complemented by the innovative sizes: of the 5 large sizes available, Marca Corona has opted for the 6mm-thick 120×278 as a cutting-edge solution for tiling walls. To highlight the purity and luminosity of these marble-effect ceramics, the range offers two different finishes, natural and reflex.

Foyer brings a pop character to the material it’s inspired by, while maintaining the sophistication of the marble thanks to the surprising decor elements, which make for a brand-new combination of material and colour. In the 120×278 and 60×120 sizes, each of the 3 light colours is set into an elegant terrazzo-style spider’s web effect, green for Pure, blue for Joy and taupe for Clear. All 5 Foyer surfaces, in the 60×120 size, also come with a modern 3D pattern featuring a relief wave effect.


Storie d’Italia


Storie d’Italia, the new porcelain floor and wall tile collection from the 1741 line, takes its inspiration from the art, folklore and craftsmanship skill of the past to redefine contemporary interior design, embarking on a style journey right through Italy and seeking a synthesis of its graphic expression and the authenticity of its materials. Marca Corona has chosen a new 22×22 rectified size to make the most of a fresh, classy colour range: the 4 base tiles in white, yellow, blue and green, are teamed with the striking, authentic nuances of 7 different geometric and floral patterns.

From this selection of the most expressive colours and patterns comes a brand-new multi-subject mix with a striking aesthetic impact. The two finishes available, matt and glossy, add to the options available for shaping creative compositions: while the matt version is designed to highlight the artisan character of the whole range, the glossy variant, available for the coloured base tiles and the mix of decor elements, seeks to evoke the glossy appeal of traditional majolica tiles. Storie d’Italia offers a simple, versatile solution, featuring intense graphics suitable for bringing a personal touch to any setting, from the bathroom to the kitchen, as well as the bedroom and the living area, without forgetting new commercial settings with a classic chic style.




The hallmark of Paprica, the new 1741 collection by Marca Corona, are the contemporary colours and creative patterns that turn ceramics into a design element with a surprising look. These hexagonal porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles (25×21.6) come in two types of colours: three elegant, neutral greys and three eccentric shades of red, blue and mustard, selected to bring a brighter, bubblier touch to interiors. Style research has focused on geometries and stylised graphics, giving rise to 4 original single-subject motifs and an innovative mix of decor elements. Both decorative solutions are available both in the sophisticated black and white version and an eye-catching coloured version. With its cool, confident character, Paprica is the ideal solution to bring a fresh, personal touch to the most modern residential and commercial interiors. Thanks to the versatile size and the expressive graphics, these ceramic surfaces do more than just cover and characterise settings; they can become actual artistic compositions, decorative pictures and flooring that are sure not to go unnoticed.




The 1741 line gains a decorative new jewel with Tortona, a collection of stoneware floor and wall tiles with a fresh, fun personality. The expressive power of Tortona lies in the decor elements, composed of 5 stylised motifs with a carefree character, and an original Mix of 11 different graphic subjects. The two elegant base tiles, in white and grey, are able both to support creativity and guarantee maximum elegance: designers can choose whether to create floors with all-over patterns and novel patchworks, or to opt for a more subtle, simple look, with spacious rest areas.

Colour research focuses on pale nuances, with sophisticated pastel shades such as grey, airforce blue and pink, with a dusty finish. To highlight the varied graphics and fresh colours of Tortona, Marca Corona has chosen the new 22×22 rectified size, with an authentic look and practical to lay.