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Keeping our worktops clean

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June 3, 2020

Keeping our kitchens and worktops clean and disinfected was always our priority. The kitchen has more germs than any other room in your home, even more than the bathroom. As a result, cleaning the kitchen the right way helps us to avoid infections and take care of our health and that of the whole family. After all, this space is used to handle, prepare and store food but with heat, steam and moisture creating the perfect conditions for bacteria and germs to grow. So how often should we deep clean our kitchen? And what should we clean every day in the kitchen? Here’s some advice on what to do

Whatever the type of worktop, it should be given a quick daily wipe to remove sauce stains, breadcrumbs or other food waste. It should also be fully disinfected every day, using warm water and soapy solution to eliminate germs. In fact, during health-alert periods, extra care should be taken and worktops and surface areas should be cleaned more frequently, to ensure they are fully disinfected.

The method for disinfecting kitchen worktops is recommended for any surface we have physical contact with. Have a look at our latest cleaning products that are available to enhance that shiny look. Products are available both online and at our shop at Halmann Vella, Mosta Road, Lija.

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