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The benefits of ceramic tiles

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November 6, 2018
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Quality and sustainability
In recent years, there have been major R&D developments in the industry of ceramic tiles, resulting in great improvements in terms of quality. Also, due to the nature of the product as well as the production processes used (ceramic tiles are made using just clay, fire and water), ceramic tiles are a very sustainable and eco-freiendlt product.

Ceramic tiles come in a countless range of colours, sizes, layout patterns and finishes. From polished to a matte stone finish, from bright colours to muted tones… ceramic tiles are so versatile in their application as well as in their design and appearance that they are sure to fit all home designs from contemporary to modern to traditional. One can say that your imagination is the only limitation to the design possibilities available when it comes to ceramic tiles.

Ceramic is very hard and highly resistant to general wear and tear such as scratches and to chipping when objects are dropped on it. It is also resilient to sudden temperature changes, waterproof as well as resistant to chemical cleaners such as bleach. Therefore it is an ideal surface for high traffic areas.

Easy to clean
Ceramic is a very easy material to clean. Minor stains can be removed with just a damp cloth and more persistent stains can be removed using detergents, including bleach. With regards to long term maintenance, ceramic tiles are the closest thing to a maintenance free surface as they do not need to be sealed or re-polished after some years.

Hygienic and Anti-allergenic
Ceramic tiles are resistant to dirt and contamination. Being non porous ceramic prevents humidity from forming and germs and fungi from multiplying. Therefore they are ideal in households in general especially, where someone suffers from asthma or allergies.

Ceramic does not need to be sealed or re-polished after some years. Ceramic floor is the closest thing you can come to a maintenance free floor.