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Sunlit days is the new collection by Silestone…

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June 30, 2021
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…the first carbon-neutral collection in the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry. It is manufactured entirely with renewable electricity and recycled water.

Sunlit Days is a collection of five colours inspired by the shades and nature found in the Mediterranean region. The series offers a journey through colour and light, with fresh style and tones of the Mediterranean, inspired by human values and simple yet profound ways of living.

Faro White, Cincel Grey, Arcilla Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green are more than just the names of these five colours. They are individual tributes to the stories, experiences, expressions and ways of life of real people who have found their true essence through the Mediterranean.

This collection is available from our showroom at Mosta Road, Lija.

Faro White – a white that brings light to the sea.

White is the colour of our Mediterranean. The one that clads the walls that the sun bathes in every day. The one that captures its light and evokes its warmth. Faro White is inspired by the lighthouses that guide the way for ships. A very special white that tells stories of light and sea, and of people who love life.

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Cincel Grey – A grey that is not just grey.

Grey is just grey, some people say. Those people will speak of wood as just that, wood. They will not speak of ebony, almost jet-like, or crimson mahogany, nor will they understand when they look at a tree that it is not just that, but a cypress. Cincel Grey is a silky, fine-veined grey, full of nuances. A grey that reveals an array of contrasts between matt, glossy and reminiscent of other colours when bathed in light.

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Arcilla Red  – A red that makes you fall in love.

There is a land that breathes fire and in which blood seems to flow; a land that is pure life. A clay soil of infinite red that displays intoxicating tones and brings warmth, life and joy. That is Arcilla Red – an earthy red shade that tastes like wine and smells of petrichor.

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Cala Blue  – A blue reminiscent of sea salt.

A deep and stimulating blue colour which, with its interplay with light, balances between the depth and the surface of the sea. Cala Blue pays tribute to the Mediterranean and the great work done by Equilibrio Marino to clean it, and with which Cosentino has joined forces.

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Posidonia Green – A green that breathes life.

Time stands still under the waters of the Mediterranean. The posidonia meadows sway in a mesmerising dance of incredible greens. Posidonia Green – a green that invites us to surround it with colours and brings this beauty to our spaces. A green with a variety of brightness and shade depending on the moment, like the nature of the sea that gives it its name.

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Silestone® Sunlit Days & HybriQ+®

Sunlit Days is a collection created with the exclusive and pioneering HybriQ technology by Silestone. This new production process is characterised by the commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management. The manufacturing process of Silestone with HybriQ+ uses 99% reused water from the production processes, 100% renewable electric energy and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition. Furthermore, HybriQ+ technology stands out for the new formula used in the manufacture of Silestone, which significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica. Instead, a hybrid formula made up of mineral raw materials and materials of a recycled origin is used. With this new composition, the outstanding mechanical and technical performance and timeless beauty of Silestone® remain intact.

Sourced from Silestone – Cosentino.