Every slab is a masterpiece


The marble-effect of the Jewels porcelain stoneware collection embellishes spaces with the sort of charm that only a highly prized material is able to produce. An extraordinary amount of work has gone into researching and technically perfecting this collection, from highlighting the veins of the material, amalgamating delicate colour nuances, lighting up shades and working on fine details. The result is a masterpiece in each and every slab.


The authentic expression of the most precious natural stone. Jewels is an exclusive collection of marbles used historically in architecture. We are passionate about giving you the best. This is why Jewels offers 11 exclusive marble options.



JW 01: Bianco Statuario | JW 02: Calacatta Reale | JW 03: Royal | JW 05: Emperador Selected | JW 11: Black Gold | JW 12: Statuario Lunensis | JW 14: Statuario Veneto | JW 15: Onyks | JW 16: Raymi | JW 17: Moonless | JW 19: Extra White


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! The GLOSSY finish is dedicated to residential floors and wall cladding subject to slight stress and not in contact with outdoor areas. The glossy finish is achieved using a mechanical action, just as with stone and marble, the presence of small areas with a non-uniform shine or dots must be considered as an intrinsic feature of the material deriving from its special manufacturing