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A well deserved new look for Eden Cinemas in St. Julian’s. Lead Designer Sean Cassar at The Design Hub entrusted us with providing brushed columns in Pietra Lavica, as well as the flooring and the stairs, giving the place a dynamic and modern look. We love the contrast between colours and materials!

Number 11 is the new urban boutique hotel in St. Julian’s. It’s where contemporary-style meets urban fashion, and where a vibrant club area meets a vivacious shopping and cosmopolitan circle. It’s where work and play come easy, connections are made and experiences remembered. We supplied and installed a combination of stairs and flooring in black and white Architectural Terrazzo, Gardenia Parquet looking ceramic tiles, outdoor Slate flooring and cladding in Travertine Silver and Slate. Finishes make for a contemporary vibe, while materials pay tribute to the Maltese heritage.  

Patterned tiles are usually associated with traditional design. However, in this residential project which blends traditional and contemporary, the use of patterned tiles, adds a clean, crisp and modern feel to the common areas of this townhouse. Using light hues of blues and green, the patterned tiles further connect the interior of the house, with the external area, transforming an otherwise plain space into a colourful welcome to the rest of this beautiful home.