Total Grey



Infinity specialises in the production of large slabs in sizes up to a maximum of 1620×3240 mm, and thicknesses of 6 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm. Infinity offers excellence and innovation and a perfect mix of functional and elegant surfaces

Infinity is a member of Gruppo Concorde, the largest Italian manufacturer of wall and floor coverings, and a reference point in the field of product design for more than 50 years. All the Infinity products are made exclusively in Italy.

The Infinity slabs are the result of a combination of excellences: smart technologies, high quality raw materials, and a deep culture in surface design.

The slabs are composed exclusively of natural minerals and raw materials from controlled and certified quarries. These are the same components of granite which are sintered at a temperature of 1230°C to create a new compact and waterproof material. Infinity Surfaces are a long-lasting product, which is free of adhesives and resins.

Responsibility towards the environment is a top priority for Infinity Surfaces. The company recycles 100% of the water used as well as production waste and self produces 74% of its energy requirements.

The surfaces come in 3 finishes: Polished, satin and matte.

Infinity Total Grey Flooring