OC 04 Magellano

A fusion of essences; irregular perfection that never tires.

The features of the slab seem to encapsulate a story like in an ancient geographical map; crystalline amber inclusions, alternating with the ivory parts and the black inclusions evoke a post-colonial style that expresses an irregular perfection that is repeated thanks to Infinity’s industrial production.

The body of the slab is processed using the exclusive Natura Body Tech technology for an even more natural effect.


Marble Effect


Elegant, glossy and material:
the most representative veining patterns of natural varieties.





All Infinity products have structural, aesthetic and functional
characteristics that make them a unique option for furnishings
and indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings.


Dekton provide a perfect solution for your worktop,
flooring or cladding with 12mm thickness.


Slab Texture: Polished