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Prime Minister Hon. Robert Abela visits Halmann Vella

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February 7, 2020
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Maltese Prime Minister Hon. Dr Robert Abela visited the Halmann Vella factory, showroom and offices in Lija, today, Friday 7th February 2020. Halmann Vella’s Director, Mr Mark Vella introduced the company by stating that 65 years ago when their father, the late Vincenzo Vella together with his brother, started producing terrazzo tiles. As years went by and the business grew, Halmann Vella is now the leading supplier of bespoke surfaces in Malta. Halmann Vella is nowadays one of the largest stone fabrication factories within Europe.


At Halmann Vella we fully recognise our responsibilities towards good environmental stewardship. In everything we do, we strive to create opportunities for our people, clients, and communities while preserving resources; however, we also understand that sustainability is about striking a critical balance between commercial success and responsibility to society and the environment. Mr. Vella explained the procedure of recycling over 3000litres per minute of water with only 2% per day of loss.


During Dr. Abela’s visit around the factory, the manufacturing of Maltese patterned tiles was the area that impressed him much. In this section, we employ hearing-impaired people who make these cement tiles individually by hand together with other artisanal professionals.


Our Director of Operations, Architect Hugh Vella, explained the investment incurred within our plant in Hal Far. “We are aiming to extend the manufacturing capability and build a new logistic center for Halmann Vella Group. A research with the University of Malta is being conducted to start producing Maltese stone from the construction waste and re-use it to build a new sustainable plant. This is to enhance the circular economy concept”.


“The next step for the Halmann Vella Group is to increase our exports. Due to the fact, we have already partnered with Vicalvi, a Paris and London based project contracting company as their sole supplier of natural stone. Following this collaboration, we will be exhibiting our new architectural terrazzo range in one of the largest shows in London – Surface Design Show, next week. Exports seem to be picking up slowly but surely,” said Mr Owen Farrugia, Director of Sales & Business Management.


Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Robert Abela expressed his satisfaction in meeting a good number of employees, which varies from craftsman, architects, designers, salespeople, managers and administrators, to mention a few.


For over 65 years, Halmann Vella has earned the trust and confidence of its clients through its focus on quality. In its primary area of business, the Company has long been known for sourcing the best quality, most luxurious surfacing materials when it comes both to natural as well as engineered stone, and providing an excellent service for installation and project management.


A momento was presented as a token to the Prime Minister.