Halmann Vella | Palazzo Bifora Boutique Hotel, Mdina - Halmann Vella
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Palazzo Bifora Boutique Hotel, Mdina


Unveiling Stone Splendour!

This newly opened boutique hotel is situated in the charming and historic city of Mdina. This beautiful palazzo, which was previously a private residence, has been meticulously restored and renovated to provide guests with a luxurious and comfortable stay.

A magnificent floor landing in Saturno (cross-cut travertine) with a detailed motif in Royal Grey marble limestone greets all the guests at the entrance of Palazzo Bifora. The combination of these two materials creates a beautiful contrast and sets the tone for the entire building. Further in, the cosy internal courtyard of the Palazzo Bifora is also a sight to behold, with its flooring in Saturno and tozzette in Royal Grey marble limestone. It is an excellent example of how Halmann Vella has harmonised traditional and elegant materials seamlessly.

The bathrooms are another space where Halmann Vella’s craftsmanship is on full display. The ground floor bathroom features mosaic flooring made of Royal Grey Marble limestone and cross-cut travertine, providing a stunning accent to the bathroom’s overall design. The flooring and cladding in the 1st floor bathrooms are made of travertine, each with a different custom-stock colour. The basins are made of Bianco Carrara marble, which not only adds elegance to the design but also provides a timeless quality.

The Palazzo’s warm bar is undoubtedly one of its standout features. The marble used for panelling the bar is Onice Verde, which adds a touch of intimacy to the space. The light from behind the marble panel creates a stunning effect that further enhances the atmosphere of the bar, making it the perfect place to enjoy a drink in style.

Credit must be given to Omar Magri, for having the vision to create such a beautiful space, and to Michele O’Reilly, who designed the hotel. This combined talent, expertise, and effort have created a true masterpiece that is sure to delight and inspire visitors for years to come.