At Hal Mann Vella we have a block casting plant which we use to manufacture our resin-based marble. We can use this same equipment to cast blocks of terrazzo. These blocks (3.05 X 1.25 x 1.25 metres in size) are then cut into slabs and processed as we would our resin-based marble or natural marble. To get the best quality these blocks are made under vacuum. The advantage of this is that the slabs can then be processed into large format tiles (at Canary Wharf we supplied 1.1 x 1.2 metre tiles), vanity tops, counters, toilet cubicles, curbs at a lower cost and better quality than just casting into moulds. This method is by far the most cost-effective way of producing stairs as long as your designer accepts the stair and riser elements are separate. We have supplied many high-rise office blocks with terrazzo stair treads produced in this way. In our finishing department we can finish the treads ready to just install, polish them, put carborundum anti-slip edging, cut the holes ready for fixing onto metal stairs etc.

Terrazzo Treads & Risers


Tread Depth:
Maximum 400 mm

Riser Height:
Maximum 200 mm

Up to 1.5 m long – 30mm Thick
From 1.5 up to 2 m long – 40mm

Non-slip aids: 
Grooves machined into the material or anti-slip carborandum strips


Terrazzo Skirting and Coving



Maximum length 980 mm

Fix using a thin layer of bonding agent

12 mm. However subjective of aggregate size used

Flat skirting, angled skirting and cove skirting. Other designs may be possible through fabrication

Terrazzo Cladding


1000 x 600 mm
1000 x 400 mm
Other dimensions may be possible on request

40 mm