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Step 1 - Contact Details

We can deliver the work to ground floor upon request.

Step 1 - Deliver Address

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Step 2 - Choose the Material

Marble is natural stone therefore slabs will vary in appearance. All pictures are a rough guide.
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Step 3 - Measurments

Measurements need to be to the exact (cutting size and not size of concrete). See example below as to what information is required.

Sill no.1
Sill no.2
Sill no.3
Sill no.4
Sill no.5
Sill no.6
Sill no.7
Sill no.8
Sill no.9
Sill no.10
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Step 4 - Submitting order

Due to the current events surrounding COVID-19, our measuring and installation resources are very limited.  At this time, we encourage you to engage your own installer.


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