Marble Stories


Research and exploration are the key concepts of a voyage of discovery through new material inspirations. From Italy to France, from Brazil to Mexico and on to Madagascar, in search of uniquely beautiful elements comprised in a container of exclusive porcelain stoneware marbles.


Created using the most innovative technologies available in the ceramic sector, Wanderlust is a collection in which aesthetic and material research reaches new heights. Outstanding pigments and natural materials are the hallmark features of products in which the complexity of the colour and the depth of the decorative patterns have been developed and taken care of in every detail. This painstaking effort has resulted in a reinterpretation in porcelain stoneware of 10 prestigious natural marbles and 3 elegant Agate agglomerates that bring the value of an authentic jewel into the world of design.



WA 01 Calacatta Copper | WA 02 Libeccio Antico | WA 03 Onice Brown | WA 04 Azul Puro | WA 05 Labradorite | WA 06 Dark Cosmo | WA 07 Saint Laurent | WA 08 Agata Blue | WA 09 Agata Multicolor | WA 10 Agata Black | WA 11 Siberian Malachite | WA 12 Galway Green | WA 13 Four Seasons


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