Bellinzoni Spot Remover


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The Spot Remover “MangiaMacchia” (“StainEater”) is a special poultice, a paste product especially formulated to remove stains on natural stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terracotta and ceramics. It cleans the most common stains such as oil, industrial grease, coffee, food, ketchup and other. Its chemical composition allows to deeply absorb resistant stains. New water-based formulation, pleasantly scented. Available from Halmann Vella.

Instructions for use:
• For the removal of oil satins, grease, coffee, ketchup and other.
• Apply a layour about 5mm thick of Spot Remover Mangia Macchia.
• After 8/10 hrs, at a temperature of 20°C, the product dries and it is possible to remove it with a brush.
• If it is necessary, repeat the application until complete elimination. Proceed to removal of the residue with a brush.

Suggestion for use and recommendations:
• Before applying the product, mix the paste into the jar in order to blend the components.
• The poultice should adhere well to the substrate to improve its effectiveness. In case of removal of oil stains, make sure that the paste is properly applied, because its adhesion will be less than usual.
• In the event that, after the first application, the stain is not completely gone, proceed to further applications.
• In case of application with particularly high temperatures, very dry climate or the presence of air conditioning, it is recommended to cover the poultice with a plastic film for about 2 hours; this trick will keep the paste wet. Then remove the plastic film and wait for the natural drying of the product.
• Once the treatment with product has finished, it is recommended to wash with our LEM-3 detergent to clean any residue.
• Read carefully recommendations printed on the tin and perform a test before use.

Application surfaces: marble, granite, terracotta, porphyry, concrete, slate, marble-resin, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic, porcelain.