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Product that activates the color of marbles and granites. Its penetrating power eliminates material defects, such as “crow’s feet” and protects against water. It does not form a film on the treated material. Available from Halmann Vella.

Instructions for use:

  • The surface to be applied must be clean and dry. Any dirt, mold and scale must be removed.
  • Automatic application on plates and modulated:Use Porosil with a machine (type waxing machine) making drops of the product fall on the plates and do not distribute evenly using brushes. At the end, the product dries and the parts can be stored in an upright position.
  • Manual application on plates and modulates: Apply the product in a small amount on the surface in a horizontal plane and spread evenly with absorbent paper or clean white cloth. After 30 to 60 seconds, remove the excess product with absorbent paper. The parts can be moved and worked right after application without compromising the final result. The consolidation of the product on the material takes place within 4 to 5 days after treatment.
  • Application on floors:Apply the product in small quantities on the surface and spread with a clean white cotton cloth or absorbent paper (towel). Finish with the cloth or waxing machine equipped with a cloth brush. It is advisable to treat the floor in lines of approximately 200 x 50 cm, for greater convenience at work.


Porosil can be pigmented using the special “Porocolour” pigments to modify the color of the product and thus intensify the color depending on the material. For more information, consult the technical data sheet for “Porocolour” dyes.


For application in marble and granite polished or lightened with grain beyond 800, with 1 Kg of the product you get about 20 to 30 m2 of treatment.

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