Bellinzoni Natural Wax for Floor


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A warm, dry and long-lasting polish can be achieved with RR/1 which will last through several cleaning operations. It is a highly concentrated product so it can be heavily diluted in water, making it very economical to use. RR/1 is also pleasantly perfumed. It provides long-lasting resistance to damage from foot traffic and does not leave patches. It does not contain any of the resins that cause unsightly films. Available from Halmann Vella.

Instructions for use:

  • Surface must be clean and dry; stains, mildew, crusting must be scraped off. On floors that have deposits of previous waxes, clean with Wax Remover DECER-DOS.
  • Spread the wax, diluted 1 to 20 in lukewarm water (1 dosing cap in 1 liter of water), using a damp cloth, a wax spreader fleece or a mop.
  • Allow the wax to dry without walk over it, then vigorously rub with a woolen cloth or buff with household polishing machine or with a floor machine equipped with white polishing disc.
  • Periodic cleaning must be done with our neutral Detergent LEM-3. After these washings the wax can to be polished as described above.
  • Repeat applications periodically.

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

  • Let dry well the wax on the floor before buffing to achieve a better result.
  • We suggest always diluting the wax in order to avoid build-up on the floor.
  • In the case of floor application, pay attention to the following slipperiness of the surface; slipperiness will be reduced after a few days and as a result of periodic washing will continue to maintain a great shiny.
  • Product for indoor use.
  • Read carefully recommendations printed on label and perform a preliminary test on a small area before actual use.

Application surfaces: Marble, granite, terrazzo, marble resin, marble-cement, all agglomerated materials.

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