Bellinzoni Lava & Lucida


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L&L is the ideal product for the daily maintenance of marble, granite and stones floors. It is excellent for “quick” maintenance of floors as its exclusive formula combines the cleaning and polishing actions. L&L enhances color and shine of the floors, protects them from finger prints and marks from daily foot traffic. It can be used with floor scrubbing machine for the daily maintenance of supermarkets, cinemas, shopping centers, airports floors etc. Available from Halmann Vella.

Instructions for use:

  • Small areas: Regular maintenance of floors: Dilute 30 (1 fl. oz.) ml in 1 liter (1 quart) of lukewarm water; wash with mop, cloth, wax spreader fleece or brush. No need to rinse.
  • Large areas: For use with a floor scrubbing machine: Dilute 20 ml (0,67 fl. oz.) in a liter (1 quart) of water directly into the machine tank and wash the floor.

Suggestions for use and recomendation:

  • Above suggested dilution are susceptible of modification depending on the surface type and the traffic it is subjected to.
  • After use of L&L, it is not necessary to proceed to floor polishing. In case you prefer to do it, this operation can be done with a common floor polishing machine.
  • Read carefully recommendations printed on the tin and perform a test before use.

Application surfaces: Marble, granite, terrazzo, agglomerated stones.

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