Akemi Oil and Grease Remover Paste


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Akemi Oil and Grease Remover Paste is a paste poultice that will easily and effectively remove oil and grease based stains. It’s available in convenient tube for exact application of product over the stain. Cover entire stain with Akemi Oil and Grease Remover paste, cover with plastic, remove plastic after 24 hours, let dry completely and clean with Akemi Crystal Clean. It’s effective on all stones but always test to see if the product affects the surface gloss of the stone surface. Available from Halmann Vella.

• Suitable for all kinds of natural and cast stone
• Extremely effective, even in the case of intensive staining
• Does not contain acids, leaching agents, waxes, resins or silicones
• Has a mild odor
• Has a creamy consistency that can be easily applied to smooth and polished surfaces