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Discover The New Onirika Collection

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August 5, 2022
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Beauty, an immersive hi-tech design, by Nina Magon

The Onirika Collection represents a journey, a detour in our dreams where boundaries between dreams and reality just fade away. A collection that unites the poetic and unique beauty of stones harnessed by Dekton technology. The dreams we observe and vaguely feel in control of but only the deepest part of our mind truly understands. The collection is named in honour of the lavish inspiration of the two worlds conveyed in marbled colours to captivate our eyes and bring to any space a feeling which we understand but can never explain.


Vigil recreates the calacatta clean and bright white structure, with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys combined with a subtle touch of gold.


A soft cream base with a blend of golden and blue tones and other soft shades, reflections, and glints of colour.


Fluid colour with a bluish vein on a background revealing a combination of cream and grey colours.  A mix of tones that blend between white palettes. Fine streaks move between oxides and fade to reddish gold.


Awake is a reinterpretation of the iconic attributes of the precious Paonazzo stone. Thick veining with gradients of light greys and creams, with luscious rusty terracotta, and subtle inky blues.


Captivating details of warm browns and rusty whites merge with a deep black tone in a grid of fine lines.