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December 2, 2022
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“The Legacy, the class”


Distinctive architects and designers attended The Halmann Vella Wine Tasting Event, held last Friday evening, at the HMV Showroom, Lija.


For the second consecutive year, Halmann Vella has welcomed its stakeholders to a networking event, this year with a wine-tasting session during which the guests were invited to experience six different wines like a Pro – with the look, the swirl, the smell, the sip, and well, the spit, or not!  Starting from the Syrah Maremma ‘Lodolaia’, Syrah Village, Syrah Tara, Cuvee Therapius, Syrah Maroccou, and ending the session with the richest of the six, the Cote Rotie.


Chief Commercial Officer and Director Hugh Vella welcomed the guests and expressed the Company’s appreciation towards their profession and how Halmann Vella values their expertise, many of whom have been working with the Company for decades.

Before the wine-tasting session Juan De La Venta Granda and Jose Navio Oliver from Cosentino, Spain – gave a presentation about Dekton Facades and Cosentino’s efforts towards Sustainable development.

The event was one which extended friendships and strengthened working relationships with experts from all corners of the sector for years to come.

Halmann Vella takes this opportunity to wish all the very best for the festive season to all its stakeholders, colleagues, and business partners.


Testimonials by some of the most prominent guests when asked

“Why Halmann Vella?”

“The legacy, the class”
“Halmann Vella because they’re very professional and detail-oriented”
“Always instrumental in the best projects”
“They are so dedicated to the projects, have so much passion for it”
“Working with them as a team is an enjoyable experience”
“Whenever we’ve entrusted a job to Halmann Vella, they have always done it really well and we never had problems with our clients”
“If you want something which is timeless and where you get elegance and quality of service Halmann Vella are excellent!”
“I choose Halmann Vella for their quality, experience, and for knowing that one can achieve high detailing and finishes”
“Because they’re the people for marble”
“Great selection of marble and tiles, I love their customer care – they are always so very welcoming”
“Halmann Vella super, super, super”