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Using marble in the modern home

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October 3, 2016

Think marble is just for traditional or classical home designs? Think again. Here are 5 tips on how to incorporate marble in your modern home.

1. Add visual interest by doing away with squarish tiles and opt for different geometric shapes and two tone floors


2. Go for a honed rather than polished finished. A honed finish gives off a more contemporary feel. It also has the benefit of being more resistant to scratches and less slippery when wet.


3. Use a whole slab of marble as a feature wall in your room. Modern improvements in material adhesive allow for larger slabs to clad walls. This is a great opportunity to use the natural veining of the marble as an artistic focus to the room.


4. Use marble to add a splash of colour: Marble is not just whites, greys and beige. Brighten up a minimalistic space with a touch of colourful marble.


5. Incorporate marble in your furniture. A marble dining table or coffee table, will add an instant touch of luxury, whilst keeping a minimalistic and modern look.