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Quartz countertops Do’s and Dont’s

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December 22, 2016



  • Relax: Quartz is a non porous material. This makes it very low maintenance and easy to clean. Most times cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent will do the trick.
  • Get creative: Quartz comes in a very wide variety of colours and patterns. Latest technological advancements have enabled quartz to mimic to perfection other natural stones such as marble.
  • Prevent scratches: Quartz is a very strong material, however it is not scratch proof. Always use a cutting board when chopping on the surface.
  • Protect from UV: When possible, close windows and blinds near the countertop to prevent surface discoloration from exposure to direct sunlight in the long term.


  • Use harsh chemicals: When cleaning quartz, avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials such as bleach and scouring pads.
  • Place hot pots on the surface: Quartz is highly resistant to heat, however it is always better to err on the safe side as sudden changes in temperature might lead to cracking due to thermal shock in remote cases. It is always advisable to place hot pots and pans on hot pads or trivets.
  • Worry about germs: As quartz is non porous it does not harbor germs such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Stand on the countertop: Quartz is a very hard and strong material, however it is not very flexible. Therefore too much weight on one area of the top might lead to cracking.