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The outdoor area of Villa Mdina sees a predominant use of Maltese Hardstone which forms the backbone of this space. This stone takes cue from the past and the traditional, and is easily adaptable to a more modern, elegant and luxurious style. The neutral palette looks lovely against the surrounding greenery of the garden. Apart from the aesthetic value, Maltese hardstone was selected due to the fact that it’s a very durable material, and therefore ideal for high-traffic areas such as this entertaining space.

The bar was designed in Cosmic Black Granite which elegantly stands out against the neutral palette of the Maltese Hardstone.

The flooring of the lounge area is Soul by Ceramiche Keope. The feel of wood makes the space more welcoming and its rustic feel is a nice contrast to the surrounding modern seating, showcasing the material’s versatility in adapting to many design requirements from the traditional to the contemporary.