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Dolmen Resort Hotel

Dolmen Resort Hotel
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Halmann Vella was involved in the restructuring and renovation of the Dolmen Resort Hotel. The hotel lobby immediately sets the tone for the rest of the space, with the luxurious Neolith Estatuario flooring pulling you in with anticipation of what lies ahead. The flooring in the corridors leading to the rooms is Neolith Beton, a concrete grey colour which, true to the hotel’s modern style is right on trend. There is a contrast between the functional areas (lobby and corridors) and the recreational areas such as the hotel’s main restaurant which has a distinctly warmer and cosier ambience featuring darker and more earthy tones both in terms of the furniture used as well as the surfacing materials. The flooring of the restaurant is from the Work and Cementine collections, with black wall cladding from the Deluxe Marca Corona range.
A renovation that is a true lesson in design and interiors.