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Looking to update your outdoor space? Here are our top 5 outdoor design trends for 2018.

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August 6, 2018

Outdoor bars and Kitchens


The kitchen is an integral part of the house. But, as the temperature gets warmer, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cozy outdoor space where one can cook and enjoy a meal? And we’re not talking about just a simple bbq… but a full blown kitchen! As new materials are increasingly available to homeowners, outdoor kitchens and bars are on the rise. We’re loving this outdoor kitchen by Dekton.

Flooring takes centre stage as a design feature in itself


Apart from serving a functional role, in 2018 we are seeing more homeowners regarding outdoor flooring as a design feature in itself. We are seeing an increase in stylish, geometric patterns as well as large slabs to reduce joint spaces.

Marca Corona Forme

Outdoor heating and Fire pits

Especially with a mild climate such as that in Malta, the outdoors is not restricted just for summer. Chilly winter evenings need not restrict us to the indoors. In fact, one of the hottest (!) trends in outdoor design is the introduction of outdoor heating and fire pits. We think these are the perfect additions to an outdoor space.

Marca Corona Springstone

Water Features


Water features, such as a fountain have long been popular in landscape design. A water feature adds multiple layers to a space….light, movement, sound and colour. Whilst sometimes regarded as old fashioned, we are seeing an increase in modern designs, which beautify a space whilst serving as a soothing oasis for the homeowners.

Keope Brik

Neutral Colours


When we think of outdoor spaces, we tend to think of colour. But that doesn’t mean going overboard with colours. A neutral backdrop is ideal for the different colours and textures of the outdoor space such as rough wooden elements, colourful plants, and outdoor fabrics. When it comes to the outdoors, different textures of neutrals are really guaranteed to bring the space together.

Keope Percorsi Extra