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Keep your Engineered Wood flooring looking as good as new

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July 7, 2016

Parquet is a beautiful statement in any room and is becoming more and more  popular as it matches most home décor styles. However should you opt for wooden parquet, you must comply with a number of maintenance tips to ensure that your floor remains looking its best.

  • Wood and moisture are not the best of friends. Wood tends to swell, lose colour or warp when it absorbs moisture. Therefore one should avoid wet cleaning parquet floors, opting instead for cleaning methods such as vacuum cleaner, sweeping, waxing or polishing that are more advisable to the wood chosen and its finish. Scrubbing is not recommended nor is the use of harsh detergents. Products utilized should be specific to parquet. If any liquid is spilled on parquet it should be removed immediately.
  • Humidity levels in rooms with parquet should be kept at around 45-65% by using a dehumidifier.
  • Place furniture carefully on parquet without dragging to avoid scratching. Protective rubber should be installed on movable furniture such as chairs.
  • Wait at least one month after installation before laying any carpets on parquet.
  • Avoid exposing flooring to direct sunlight.
  • Resealing parquet flooring is recommended every 3 to 5 years depending on the seal used.
  • Remember that wood is a living natural material therefore small imperfections are not totally avoidable nor fixable.

In love with the veining and warm colours of wood but afraid of committing to the maintenance of real wood? Nowadays, one can find ceramic tiles that perfectly mimic the warmth and charm of real wood, whilst boasting of several advantages. Such tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear as well as to water and sunlight.