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Halmann Vella wins “Premju Gieh l-Artiggjanat Malti”

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September 19, 2017
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Halmann Vella has won the prestigious “Premju gieh l-artiggjanat Malti” for Inclusiveness and Integration through crafts.
Whilst the demand for traditional Maltese cement patterned tiles is on the increase, artisans skilled in this precious art form are on the decline. Halmann Vella has the privilege of employing some of Malta’s remaining master craftsmen in this field, who still utilise the traditional method of tile making which has been passed down through generations over more than 60 years. Working together with the Deaf People Association Malta, Halmann Vella promoted the teaching of this craft to deaf people, providing them an employment opportunity as well. As a result of this, currently the traditional pattern tiles production team includes 3 members who are deaf.

As a means of showing gratitude for helping to keep this tradition alive, Halmann Vella also makes a donation to the Deaf People Association per tile sold.
Commenting about this initiative, Ing. Rachel Micallef, who leads the pattern tiles production team stated, “We are very happy to win this award. Our employees have learned a lot from working alongside our deaf employees. This initiative has made our employees more aware of the fact that even though someone might have a disability, he or she is still capable of learning and succeeding. Together with team spirit, pride for their craft and acceptance, the traditional tile making team has overcome communication obstacles to ensure comfortable integration and inclusion of our deaf employees.”