Halmann Vella Ltd. | Halmann Vella launches favourable installment payment scheme

Halmann Vella launches favourable installment payment scheme

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May 27, 2016

 Halmann Vella Ltd has just launched a favourable financing scheme to assist customers to purchase their dream surfacing materials for their homes by simply paying a small deposit and paying the remaining amount in installments. These can be spread over a number of months (up to 5 years), according to customer preferences.

Halmann Vella CEO, Joseph Tabone said, “We have launched this easy payment scheme in line with our customers’ needs. This scheme enables us to provide our clients the possibility of affording luxurious materials for their homes, at affordable rates. This scheme is ideal for customers who are constructing or refurbishing their homes, a period in one’s life when cash is limited. When it is this simple, why wait to afford something a few years down the line when you can get it right now?”

This scheme is limited up to €150,000 per contract.